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Attention Russell Frey, Ronny Brodin, James Carr, and Brad Friedman:  This web site was put up on 2020-02-22 in an attempt to grab your attention so that you'd contact me at BobH (at)  I am interested in bringing PowerBBS back to life for hobbyists but that cannot happen without at least your minimal/brief assistance.  I've been so desperate to contact any of you (for many years) that I bought the domain and put up a web site that's been in the grave for 20 years after harvesting what I could off of the Internet Archive.      Guys - contact me!

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PowerBBS v5.#
Last Update: December 16, 1998

Y2K workaround for expiration dates now available.
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PowerGen 2.0 Now Available for Purchase!
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Upgrades to PBBS 5.5 and PowerAccess 2.5 and
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers,

December 1, 1997: PowerBBS proudly annouces the release of:

PowerBBS v5.5, PowerAccess v2.5,
PowerGenerator v2.0, and PGForms v1.0!

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PowerBBS is the only choice if you're considering starting an online system or upgrading your current BBS package to a superior platform. PowerBBS runs completely under Microsoft Windows(TM) and supports Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT! Put the power of 32 bit processing behind your BBS with PowerBBS96 32-bit for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Download a demo of PowerBBS. For sales information email to Russell Frey or order online now. For technical support please complete our technical support form.

PowerBBS supports full Internet connectivity including: FTP, Telnet, and winsock applications (Netscape, WS FTP, etc.) using DPPP - the internet connectivity tool for PowerBBS! Bring subscribers to your system like never before and satisfy the growing demand for access to the World Wide Web.

Create visually exciting screens for PowerBBS with PowerGenerator - the fully graphical 'WYSIWYG' design tool for PowerBBS! PowerGen is incredibly easy to use and will allow you to create professional looking screens and menus with very little effort.

Designing visually exciting screens is a snap with PowerGenerator - no artistic ability required! However, design services are available to get your system up in a hurry with a highly professional appearance.

PowerBBS can also be reached by calling the support BBS at 516-822-7396, or by calling our offices at 516-938-0506. Software and the latest updates can be found on our Download Page.

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HTML & CGI Support
PowerHTML will allow you to create HTML style screens for PowerBBS. Your PowerAccess callers will be able to see the standard PowerGenerator screens as well as scrollable HTML 'pages' you create. PowerHTML also includes full support for CGI interaction with PowerAccess callers - this very powerful feature will allow you to create fill out form screens and process form information as needed. PowerHTML is now built into PowerBBS. Once you register PowerHTML just put your PowerHTML registration number into configuration and you will be able to begin using its abilities and integrate HTML into PowerBBS.
PowerAccess 2.0
Unleash the power of the Internet and showcase your system like never before with PowerAccess Pro 2.0. PowerAccess 2.0
offers radical improvements for both the standard and custom version. Many new features have been implemented to make PowerAccess even easier to use and more configurable to fit your needs.

For a totally customized PowerAccess, you can modify over 490 internal message dialogs and prompts displayed to the caller.

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Select Any Additional Features:
- $59.95 PowerGenerator Only

Needed to create graphical screens-Included with PowerSuite and Ultimate PowerSuite

- $149 PowerSuite Add-On
Included in the Ultimate PowerSuite

No additional features

- $49 PowerHTML (included in UltimateSuite)
- $149 Telnet/FTP Add-On (Included in UltimateSuite)
- $79 PowerAccess Pro2
- $599 PowerAccess Source Code!

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